My work is primarily in quantum cryptography and quantum complexity theory. I've mainly worked on protocols for quantum verification that involve a client (or verifier) delegating quantum computations to a quantum server (or prover) and being able to check the correctness of the results.

During my PhD I focused on the robustness of these protocols with respect to noisy quantum operations and varying trust assumptions. In my current work, I've been focusing more on developing efficient and modular instantions of such protocols using techniques from post-quantum cryptography. Recently, I've also branched out into other directions such as applications of complexity theory to physics, Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) computing and foundations of quantum mechanics.

Selected publications

  •   Computationally-secure and composable remote state preparation.

Alexandru Gheorghiu, Thomas Vidick. FOCS 2019. arxiv:1904.06320.


  •   Ontological models for quantum theory as functors.

Alexandru Gheorghiu, Chris Heunen. QPL 2019. arxiv:1905.09055.

  •   Complexity-theoretic limitations on blind delegated quantum computation.

Scott Aaronson, Alexandru Cojocaru,  Alexandru Gheorghiu, Elham Kashefi. ICALP 2019. arxiv:1704:08482.

  •   Verification of quantum computation: an overview of existing approaches.

Alexandru Gheorghiu, Theodoros Kapourniotis, Elham Kashefi. Theory of Computing Systems 2017. arxiv:1704.06984.